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Welcome to The Charcuterie Shop,
we provide elevated experiences!

What I love about charcuterie boards and grazing tables is that

they provide a space for individuals to G A T H E R...

we call charcuterie a centerpiece for connection!

Our boards and grazing tables are cultivated with authenticity and 

freshly made for each and every event,

Whether that be in your very own home, to celebrate something special,

or to gift someone something unique!

Thank you for letting us play a small part in your big moments!

-Kylie, Owner and Creator

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for flash sales, news, and workshop dates



Large Charcuterie Samples 

are accompanied by an assortment of fruits, nuts, sprigs

and a sleeve of crackers!

Classic - $60

13 inch round palm leaf board

2 cheeses and 2 meats

Statement - $100

Signature - $80

14x10 inch palm leaf board

3 cheeses and 3 meats

Appetizer Board - $125

17x12 inch palm leaf board

4 cheeses and 4 meats

22x12 inch palm leaf board

6 cheeses and 4 meats

12x10 wood charcuterie board

2 cheeses and 2 meats

Statement Wood - $150

12x20 wood charcuterie board

4 cheeses and 4 meats

Paper Mache

Charcuterie Cones

Classic Wood - $115

$70 per letter or number

$7 per cone



For Groups, Get Togethers, and Gatherings!

Price is dependent on the amount of space we are filling;

typically the length x 2.5ft width

(if your table or counter is wider than that, we will adjust the price accordingly).

However, The Charcuterie Shop does our best to offer you

multiple options so we can find you something that fits within YOUR budget!

Please fill out the booking form.

Please Read - Our booking protocol is as follows:

In order for your date to be reserved and confirmed, you must first complete a booking form. The Charcuterie Shop will follow up with a customized contract, you will have an allotted amount of days to complete and sign your Charcuterie Shop contract, as well as make a nonrefundable deposit. We would love to be a part of your big day, but we do get multiple inquiries daily. If you do not sign your contract and make a deposit by the specified date, your spot will not be reserved and may be given to another individual.


Custom Made to what YOU want for your Gathering!

Here are some ideas:

IMG_0908 6.JPG





Fruit Boards:

13 inch palm leaf tray - $45

22 inch palm leaf tray - $70

Dessert Boards:

13 inch palm leaf tray - $50

22 inch palm leaf tray - $75

Vegetable Boards:

13 inch palm leaf tray - $40

22 inch palm leaf tray -$65

Breakfast Boards:

13 inch palm leaf tray - $55

22 inch palm leaf tray - $80




In these workshops you get to create your own box from start to finish!

Tickets are $50 per person + delivery fee to location and boxes include: 

two cheese samples, a pepperoni rose, salami river, crackers,

fruits, olives, nuts, jam, and chocolates

Keep a lookout on our social media platforms

for upcoming workshop dates!

I can also do private workshops for parties or events!

Minimum of 5 people for a private workshop

*travel fee is not included in the ticket price.

IMG_4756 2.JPG
Any questions, or if you would like to get a gift card,
reach out to me by email:

The Charcuterie Shop does our best to provide
excellent customer service,
including quick responses to
your questions and inquiries!

However, we do ask for patience,
as our 
owner and creator works a full-time job
on top of managing this small business!
We will get back with you as soon as possible!

The Charcuterie Shop, LLC's Cancellation Policy

The $200 deposit is nonrefundable. However, the rest of your invoice follows this cancellation policy:

2+ week before the event: full refund

1 week before the event: 75% refund

5 days before the event: 50% refund

3 days before the event: 25% refund

1 day before the event: 10% refund

Day of the event: no refund

The Charcuterie Shop, LLC is proudly

licensed, certified, and insured!

Follow us on Social Media:

Instagram: @the_charcuterie_shop

Facebook: @thecharcuterieshopllc

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